MENOTTI started his career as a comics artist in Bologna (Italy) in 1986. He created comic strips and illustrations for daily papers and magazines. His first comic story appeared in “Frigidaire”, Italy’s controversial satirical magazine. He later published Storie Tapine and Vinicio, two tragicomic, erotic series for “Comic Art” and “Blue”. In 2004 he published his award-winning graphic novel Europa, with Massimo Semerano. In 2005 he studied Filmmaking at NYU and wrote his first short film, My Name is Alice, followed by My Wife is a Zombie, shot in LA the following year. In Rome he has been writing sitcoms and a variety of TV show episodes such as Un Posto al SoleLa SquadraIncantesimoOnore e Rispetto7 Vite. In 2010, with Marco Marchionni and Lisandro Monaco he was nominated for a Premio Solinas for Guerra in the TV Pilot category. He co-wrote Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot, the first Italian superhero film, nominated for best screenplay and winner of seven statuettes at the David di Donatello Awards 2016.


MARCO MARCHIONNI was born in Cortemaggiore (Italy) in 1972. In 1994 he studied Computer Science and worked as storyboarder and screenwriter for videogames. In 1999 he graduated in Modern Literature and moved to Rome. After attending the Scuola Fiction Mediaset he started working as a tv writer and creative producer for the first Italian privately owned TV network. In 2005 he studied Filmmaking at NYU, writing and directing Don’t miss the special, a 16mm short film. As a tv writer, he wrote several sitcom episodes, i.e. Don LucaUgo!Da Grandi7Vite. He was credited as a producer on various TV dramas, such as Caterina e le sue figlieIl Giudice MastrangeloRitorno a RivombrosaOnore e Rispetto. He was, for season 8, the executive producer for the TV comedy series I Cesaroni